Friday, February 25, 2011

Henhouse Pinny

This apron is cut a little more full-figured
than my usual...and should fit most,
except the very small.
Length: to the knees.

All seams are French rough edges.
Roomy hip pocket.
Very soft drape.
Email me to purchase.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely delighted to find this. cool job!

Carla said...

Well, doggonit Bev......I didn't even know this site existed. :( I would have snapped up this Henhouse apron in a heartbeat.

kare said...

Hello! i've been admiring your Aprons since following your blog... i love this henhouse one but... i am one of those who needs an industrial oilcloth/waterproof Apron..that doesn't have strange chemical oders on it. So far all i find online are cheesy plastinky ones that are one use if that!<
& i am full ...
my email is
if you have a moment..shoot me a resource or a quote on one in this style with chickies on it. i'll keep looking at All your lovelies here.

Thanks for Beautifying our world here and at your wonderful blog!